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Aren't Crimean Tatars

a tree which is

supposed to die,

not to get greener

and not to give

new branches?


Since the day that they

lost their independence,

there wasn't any day

passed without

chopping the branches

of this tree, but

again new branches

came out of its body.

These branches were

not allowed to grow

and were chopped

again. But branches

came out again.

At the end,

this tree is chopped

at its root,

and thrown away

on a lonely, desert land.

But again new branches

come out of this body

and get longer and

longer, and they reach

to the land where

this tree was planted

one thousand years ago.


Cengiz Dagci



Cengiz Dagci: A Novelist from Crimea

Cengiz Dagci is known as the best novelist who described life in Crimea before the World War II and the misery that the Crimean Tatars had gone through. His novels were published in Turkey. He was born in Kiziltash, a village near Yalta. He spent his childhood under the Russian imperialism and had his primary education in his village and Akmescid. After finishing his secondary education in 1938, he went to Crimean Pedagogy Institute where he studied for two years. Before finishing school, he was called for military service in 1940 and trained in a military school in Odessa. When Nazi-Germany attacked the Soviet Union, he was a tank lieutenant at the Ukrainian front. In 1941 he fell into the hands of Germans. He escaped from the prisoner camps when the Germans started retreating from the Russian front and sought asylum in Great Britain. In 1946, he settled in London together with his Polish wife.

In his novels, he describes the tough life of Crimean Turks between the years 1932-1945. He tells the tragedy of people who try to find a way out from the war between the German and Russian armies. His novels are significant in keeping the Crimean Tatar cause alive and communicating this to large masses in Turkey. The following is a list of his publications:
  • Korkunch Yillar / Horrible Years (1956)
  • Yurdunu Kaybeden Adam / The Man Who Lost his Land (1957)
  • Onlar da Insandi / They Were Human too (1958)
  • Olum ve Korku Gunleri / Days of Death and Fear (1962)
  • O Topraklar Bizimdi / That Land Was Ours (1966)
  • Donush / Return (1968)
  • Gench Temuchin / Young Temuçin (1969)
  • Badem Dalina Asili Bebekler / Babies Hanging on the Almond Branch (1970)
  • Usuyen Sokak / Cold Street (1972)
  • Yansilar / Reflections -1 (1988)
  • Yansilar / Reflections -2 (1990)
  • Yansilar / Reflections -3 (1991)
  • Yansilar / Reflections -4 (1993)
  • Yansilar / Reflections -5 (1994)
  • Anneme Mektuplar / Letters to my Mother (1990)
  • Biz Beraber Geçtik Bu Yolu / We Passed This Road Together (1996)
  • Haluk'un Defterinden ve Londra Mektuplari / From Haluk's Notebook and Letters from London (1996)