Language and Culture of Crimean


Language and Culture of Crimean


*Crimean Tatar is a Turkish language of the Kipchak branche. of Turkish Languages family. Here you will find all the information of this Kipchak branche.


*Crimean-Turkish, Judeo Crimean Tatar, Karaim, Karachay-Balkar, Kumuk, Nogay, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Kirghiz

Idil- Ural-Turkish
Bashkir, Chulim, Chuvash, Tatar


*This information is compiled from SIL Ethnologue database, and is copyrighted. For more information about all the languages of the World have a look at Ethnologue database.


  • NEW!!!Crimean Turks Return Late To Latin Script by David Nissmann and Don Hill


    Some of the Crimean Sonnets by Famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz


    Boztorgay: A famous Crimean Tatar Folk Song and its translation


    Information On Cengiz Dagci most famous novellist of Crimean Tatars


    Historical dressings of Crimean Tatars (19th. Century)(93kb)


    Touristic and historic information on Crimeas famous cities